Portraits and Figures

Emily - 17in x 15in   Madame Pinon - 19in x 16in       Father Peter - 14 x 11in. sold     Pensive - size 12in x 15in (image)    Alicia, Blueberry Farmer - size 12.5 x 18in    The Frenchman size ~ 14 x 21in.  "Let it Rock" ~ 24 x 16in image size.  Sharon - 15 x 11in  Marina in the Sugarhouse -14in x 21in  The Vermonter - 21in x 15in  Jim - 21 x 16in  Hanging Buckets - size 16in x 11.5in - sold Sand Play - sold Ted - 17in x 12in Blue Silk - 19in x 13in Sharon Amongst the TulipsMaj Britt  -  sold

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